Tuesday, 26 November 2013




WOW what a week,
Such an exciting week check out all the exciting activities from day one.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

follow instructions

Here is our amazing Elephants reading group responding to their reading text.
There challenge was to see if they could follow the instructions to build a shelter, to make it even harder they had to only use dift wood, one sheet of newspaper and a length of masking tape!
Check them out,
Our PMI after the activity showed they had used nearly all of the Habits of Mind!!!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Reading- Check out our focus

Welcome to our quiet and focussed reading rotation,
Come back and look at our page on Friday as Tomorrow our clever Elephants are building enclosures by following the sequence of a  procedural text.

This weeks sporting action

We are just finishing our large ball skills rotation. Next week we move onto Athletics.
We have learnt to:

Pass the ball
Stop and flip back
Avoid a player

Check out our great photos...

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Hello, Talofa, Kia Ora,
Welcome back to this busy term!
Please read on to find our Term 4 Newsletter, packed full of things for this term!

Kia Ora Parents and Caregivers

Welcome back to Rowandale School for Term 4. I will be the teacher for the wonderful Milky Way Galaxy Kids as Miss Dickson has started her teaching adventure in Europe. I am really excited to be here and to look forward to our busy term, full of learning and achievement!

For your information here are a few notices:

Conferences: In Week Three we will be holding Parent/Teacher conferences. I am really looking forward to meeting you and having meaningful conversations about your child’s learning. This one on one communication is extremely valuable so please let me know if you cannot make any of the allocated times and we can arrange another time to meet.

Homework: At the start of the year your child received a bright orange book bag that is clearly named. Thank you for taking the time to check they are bringing this home each night and reading a book. After they have read please continue to sign their homework notebook and remind them to bring it back to school.

Fundraising: This year we will be going on an adventure in Term 4. Thank you to everyone who helped with the fundraising events in Term One and Two. Once again we will be holding numerous fundraising events this term and we really look forward to your support with these activities.

Cultural Event: In Week Eight the entire school will be performing in a cultural performance extravaganza. The Milky Way Galaxy class has a great pool of talent but we always need more! If you can offer your experience and time we would love to see you down in class helping with our performance.

Prize Giving & Graduation: In Week Nine prize giving will take place. Please come and celebrate our learning on this day! We will also be having Graduation for our departing Year Six students. This will be a celebration of their leadership and learning, we would love to have your support at this event also.

Open Door Policy: At Rowandale, we have an open door policy. If you would like to pop in to talk about your child’s development, their classroom environment or to see their learning, please do not hesitate to contact me or see Judith in the main office to make an appointment.

Class Blog: At the start of the year Riria Dickson created a class blog to post about our learning in class. The link to this page is http://themilkywaygalaxykids.blogspot.co.nz/ . This will be an exciting space this term, with the kid’s blogging about their learning and experiences. Please take the time to have a look.

If you have any queries about this information or school in general please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Letitia Voss

Classroom Teacher

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Leadership Camp

Last week Daenalee, Madison, Ilai, Graham, Dee and Jahdon from our class went to Leadership Camp at Lakewood Lodge. Check out some of the awesome things they got to experience!